More than a hundred years old, this grand old lady is beloved to all of Bangalore.

The cultural heart of the city

A bastion of tradition

A thriving shopping area with traditional markets and upscale malls

A uniquely compact neighbourhood where you can get anything -

from a safety pin to an SUV – within walking distance.


The problem?

Streets overtaken by vehicles

Unusable pavements

Encroachments everywhere

No longer can residents enjoy the privileges of a 15 minute neighbourhood


The solution?

Lies right under our noses!

A splendid network of conservancies, or service lanes,

that run through the area

Redone as pedestrian pathways, they provide an alternate way to reach destinations within Malleswaram.

All that needs to be done is some small, simple changes.

And once again, Malleswaram could become a 15 minute neighbourhood.


Join us in Walkable Malleswaram as we do exactly this.


Implementation Phase

The transformation has begun!
Come start exploring Walkable Malleswaram's first stretch!

8th Cross Malleswaram,

Malleswaram Social Facebook Group

Walkable Malleswaram will work towards integrating its existing footpaths and conservancy lanes into a network that prioritises the movement of pedestrians, especially the elderly, children and disabled; and cyclists within the neighbourhood. This initiative is supported under the Sustainable Urban Mobility Accord (SuMA) launched by the Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT).




Our plan to transform Malleswaram





28th May, 2021

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24th May, 2021

Beautifying Malleswaram: How a citizen group used art to reclaim public space

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22nd April, 2021

Malleswaram Mirror Special: If Walls Could Talk

Bangalore Mirror: This is a story in pictures of how the Malleswaram 18th Cross Bus Stop got a make-over thanks to a Street Art Project called Malleswaram Hogona, curated by Bengaluru Moving and Geecha Galu, a consortium of artists from Bengaluru.

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