28th May, 2021

Street art is bringing this Bengaluru neighbourhood alive

Condé Nast Traveller: Walkable Malleswaram is helping make the area more pedestrian friendly, one brushstroke at a time

24th May, 2021

Beautifying Malleswaram: How a citizen group used art to reclaim public space

Deccan Herald: Artists involved in the project said they drew inspiration from their own experiences of Malleswaram

24th April, 2021

Malleswaram Mirror Special: If Walls Could Talk

Bangalore Mirror: This is a story in pictures of how the Malleswaram 18th Cross Bus Stop got a make-over thanks to a Street Art Project called Malleswaram Hogona, curated by Bengaluru Moving and Geecha Galu, a consortium of artists from Bengaluru.

22nd April, 2021

Moods of Malleswaram 

The New Indian Express: Artist collective Geechu Galu is giving life to the worn-out walls of this neighbourhood

18th April, 2021

Malleswaram Mirror Special: Malleswaram puts on its best face

Bangalore Mirror: This time it's with man-made street art which aims to get more residents to discover the neighbourhood on foot.

3rd March, 2021

Malleswaram set to reclaim its princely-era conservancy lanes

Deccan Herald: Citizens hope to recover the neighbourhood's service lanes for walking.

27th February, 2021

Malleswaram Mirror Special: For a pedestrian-friendly Malleswaram

Bangalore Mirror: There’s an audit going on to revive the walkable character of Malleswaram which has, for long, been its hallmark

22nd February, 2021

Bengaluru: Walking audit underway to make Malleswaram pedestrian friendly

Udayavani: As part of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Accord (SuMA), the Malleswaram-Urban Living Lab has started a 'Walking Audit' of Malleswaram.

22nd February, 2021

Bengaluru’s Malleswaram to be made pedestrian-friendly, audit underway

The News minute: The project saw citizens, architects and designers participate in the audit.

22nd February, 2021

Walking audit at Malleswaram aims to identify areas for safe pedestrian movement

DHNS, Bengaluru: Volunteers map the roads in Malleswaram area as a part of Walking audit of Malleswaram.  As part of the Directorate of Urban Land Transport’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Accord (SuMA), residents of Malleswaram put the first...

22nd February, 2021

Audit to help make Malleswaram more pedestrian friendly

The Hindu: Missing curbs, missing barricades on portions of roads dug up, broken pavements, low hanging cables, unmarked speed breakers… These were just some of the many issues recorded by citizens during the ‘walking audit’ on Saturday and Sunday at Malleswaram.

21st February, 2021

Walking Audit of Malleswaram

The Hindu: As part of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Accord (SuMA), the Malleswaram-Urban Living Lab has started a ‘Walking audit of Malleshwaram’ exercise aimed at integrating footpaths and conservancy lanes to provide safe pedestrian movement both in commercial and residential areas, said residents.